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Thursday, September 02, 2004

New Tamagotchi Parent

Okay, so I'm real new to the Tamagotchi craze. I remember hearing about them when they first came out years ago, and I've been seeing the commercials about the new ones coming out that can talk to each other. So, I figured, okay, what the heck. I'll look into it.

And my 'looking into it' has turned me into the proud parent of a bouncing baby blob named Chloe. (Don't ask me where that name came from.) I guess as far as bouncing baby blobs go, she's kind of cute.

I started her yesterday (9/1) around 8 p.m. She has now (9/2 at noon) grown into the toddler or 'Marutchi' stage. She is very lively, bouncing and rolling all over the place. Kind of cute.

I guess now, I'll have to get my daughter one so they can play and have friends. (Oh, did I forget to mention I am 35?) Okay, so I'm just young at heart.

I'm going to try and remember to keep this updated with daily progress on Chloe. But if not, hey, I'm old and senile. Forgive me.

If you're interested in Tamagotchi pets, a couple of neat sites I've run across are :

Tamagotchi Connection, Tamagotchi Planet, the Tama Talk community, and Tamagotchi Connections . (Note the 'S' at the end of that one. There is a difference in the sites.

Well, that's about it for now. Hope you enjoy my blog, and get swept up in the world of Tamagotchis. God bless!


  • At September 3, 2004 at 1:40 PM, Blogger Rosiebell32 said…

    Hello.I absolutely LOVE your new to tama talk and got my tamagotchi connections(uk) on the tenth of on my fourth pet now!!!
    its great to hear about someone elses tama growing up.cant wait to read your next entry,toodles,


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