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Friday, September 03, 2004

My toddler is now a teen!

Well, when she finally woke up this morning, after sleeping for almost 12 hours, she had evolved from a happy, bouncing little blob of a toddler into an Ichigotchi teen! She looks like a little strawberry head.

She's actually being a bit stubborn today. Her little 'happy' meter says she is not happy, but she won't do anything that would normally make her happy. So, I guess she's just a little bummed out today. Happens to all of us.

Just gave her a couple of treats. That cheered her up some.

I had to get another Tama for my daughter yesterday. He is still in his toddler stage as of this morning. (His name is James.) I'm babysitting at work while she's in school. (Didn't want her to get in trouble with her teacher for caring for her virtual pet.) A mother's (or in this case grandmother's work is never done.) :o)

I might add another little snipped later today. Well, I guess I could put Chloe's vitals on here:
1 yr old, 24 pounds, training 2 bars (told you she was stubborn).

Ta-ta for now!!

Here's another neat Tamagotchi site, for those seeking more information:


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