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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Busy Weekend

Well, I hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend. We did. And my little Chloe was busy this weekend.

Sunday morning, she awoke as a Kuchipatchi. (Picture) She is now 5 years old, 49 pounds, and quite happy.

Oh, and I guess I am not the grandmother of another Tama pet, but may become his mother-in-law. My daughter insists on letting our two pets fall in love so they can have a little Tama baby. She went out of town with her father for the weekend, so all Monday evening, we were letting the two Tamas meet and play and exchange gifts. As of last night when we all went to bed (Chloe not until 10 o'clock. I guess she can stay up later as an adult than as a toddler. Makes sense.), Chloe and James, my daughter's Tama, were good friends, but no romance had developed. They had exchanged a few presents. She gave him a ball (that he cannot play with for some reason now that he's gotten older) and he gave her a baseball hat and some maracas (sp?). She loves her little hat, and will put it on and take it off smiling. And she dances around singing and playing her little maracas.

They have since woken up. (I'm babysitting at work again today.) James is now a bouncing little Mametchi. (Picture) I let the two of them play a little as adults, since James is now a new little creature. And romance has developed! :o) My daughter will be so happy when I pick her up today. I'm not going to let them connect any more just in case the stork visits them before my youngin' gets a chance to see it - then she would probably kill me.

So, for now, I'm just watching them happily bounce around their respective screens. Oh, of course, that is, when my work slows down. Of course, I'm doing my work. ;o)

If anything else of any magnitude happens today, I'll add it. If not, I will be back in touch tomorrow with an update.

God bless!

If you're interested, at this website is a listing of all the possible Tamagotchi pet characters. These, of course, are hand drawn and a little cuter than what is actually on the pet.


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