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Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm a Grandma!!

Well, it's happened. When Chloe and James met up last night, it was truly fireworks. No, really, little fireworks flashed on the screen, then they each wound up with a little Tama. They weren't eggs, just little blobby Tamas.

So now, I'm happy that they are going to have second generations, but I'm sad because my little Chloe will be leaving me tonight around 8 o'clock. See, they're supposed to leave 24 hours after having a second generation Tama. So my daughter and I are dealing with the fact that we only have our original Tamas for a little while longer.

We've both noticed that they are a little grumpier. They don't seem to be as happy or as willing to be active as they were. Maybe they're getting old? Maybe they know they will be leaving this evening. Kind of wierd. But they are both doing it - not wanting to play games or anything.

Oh well, I guess this will be the last entry on Chloe and James. Well, maybe not. I'll have to detail just what happened when they left their little ones behind. But have no fear, I will continue to list the happenings of our as of yet unnamed new Tama babies. (We're not sure if they're girls or boys yet, so we can't name them.) Until later, peace, and God bless.


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