Making the Tamagotchi Connection

Just a little online diary about my Tamagotchi experience. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Okay, so my daughter and I got our Tamas to, uh, *connect* Thursday night. The fireworks and everything was really cool! The babies came - not eggs, but already hatched babies. Both girls. So we figured Friday about 8 o'clock, we'd see mom and dad sprout wings and rise heavenward.

Friday 8 o'clock: nothing happened
Friday 8:15: nothing
Friday 8:30: my daughter's Tama went to sleep (Really cute with the 2 beds and everything.) :P
Friday 8:45: nothing new
Friday 9:00: my Tama goes to sleep (same thing with the 2 beds)

So I figure when they wake up in the morning, the parents would leave.

Well, had to go, um, visit nature during the night. Checked my Tama, and there was only 1 'Z' on the screen. I rudely turned the light on, and my little baby was asleep all by herself. The space was still there where Chloe's bed was, but no Chloe. :unsure: I went and checked my daughter's Tama - same thing.
Major bummer. :(

So, when we woke up Saturday, we each had crying little girls on our screens.
We're now on our second generations, healthy and happy. Hers is named Jamie (after the Tama dad, James.) Mine is named Thori (silent 'h'). But we miss our generation 1's, and missed being able to watch them leave.

Jamie and Thori are twins, both going todler about an hour after we named them, both now Young Mimitchis.

I'll keep you posted.


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