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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Past due for an update

Okay, it's been a while. Got a good bit to update.

My daughter's Tama turned into a Gozarutchi, not a Memetchi like mine. The first time they did something really different. She got visited by the matchmaker Saturday (9/18) for the first time, and turned her down. I think she was offered a Tarakotchi. Sunday, she got another visit, I forget what kind this one was, but she accepted, had her little 'fireworks' session and got a boy. As of yesterday (9/21) she has a little Hinotamachi (the fire-headed one) toddler named Jamal.

Mine, Thori (silent 'h'), didn't get her first visit from the matchmaker until Sunday. She was offered a Androtchi, or Robotchi, and turned him down. I didn't catch another visit from the matchmaker until Monday, when she was offered another Memetchi like herself. We accepted. Thori stayed with her baby all of the rest of Monday and Tuesday, leaving early this morning (Wed 9/22). I now have a squalling little ravenous poop-machine named Thad (silent 'h' again. So sue me!!)

Since we both wound up with boys, I guess we'll be doing the matchmaker thing again. I had attempted to order two Tamas from someone on eBay without much success. So ours will either keep match-making, or keep pairing up with each other, I guess, because we don't know anyone else who personally has one. I've run into a bunch of folks on the TamaTalk website, but don't know anyone in my area. None of my daughter's friends at school have gotten one yet either. Which is surprising, because every time I go in Wal Mart and check, they're out of stock - so SOMEONE'S buying them. :o)

Oh, well, I guess that's enough for now. Got it all up-to-date, or at least as of this morning. I'll try not to go so long without another update. For now though, both of our generation three boys are doing fine.


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