Making the Tamagotchi Connection

Just a little online diary about my Tamagotchi experience. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Busy little boy!

Well, wouldn't you know it? My feisty little eating-and-pooping-machine has already evolved into a toddler. He is now a cute little lumpy-headed Kinakomotchi. His eating and pooping have calmed down some. Now, he seems to like rolling around over and over and bouncing up and down.

Just wanted to pass along that he is now at the toddler stage.

Past due for an update

Okay, it's been a while. Got a good bit to update.

My daughter's Tama turned into a Gozarutchi, not a Memetchi like mine. The first time they did something really different. She got visited by the matchmaker Saturday (9/18) for the first time, and turned her down. I think she was offered a Tarakotchi. Sunday, she got another visit, I forget what kind this one was, but she accepted, had her little 'fireworks' session and got a boy. As of yesterday (9/21) she has a little Hinotamachi (the fire-headed one) toddler named Jamal.

Mine, Thori (silent 'h'), didn't get her first visit from the matchmaker until Sunday. She was offered a Androtchi, or Robotchi, and turned him down. I didn't catch another visit from the matchmaker until Monday, when she was offered another Memetchi like herself. We accepted. Thori stayed with her baby all of the rest of Monday and Tuesday, leaving early this morning (Wed 9/22). I now have a squalling little ravenous poop-machine named Thad (silent 'h' again. So sue me!!)

Since we both wound up with boys, I guess we'll be doing the matchmaker thing again. I had attempted to order two Tamas from someone on eBay without much success. So ours will either keep match-making, or keep pairing up with each other, I guess, because we don't know anyone else who personally has one. I've run into a bunch of folks on the TamaTalk website, but don't know anyone in my area. None of my daughter's friends at school have gotten one yet either. Which is surprising, because every time I go in Wal Mart and check, they're out of stock - so SOMEONE'S buying them. :o)

Oh, well, I guess that's enough for now. Got it all up-to-date, or at least as of this morning. I'll try not to go so long without another update. For now though, both of our generation three boys are doing fine.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Thori (Generation 2) Update

Well, today at work, I'm minding my own business, and look down at my little Thori (silent 'h') and notice she has turned into the cutest little big-eyed Memetchi. I have to wait until I pick my daughter up after I get off work to see if hers has turned into the same thing and our twins are still 'twinning'. It truly seems they have been doing everything together - down to taking baths and brushing their teeth. Most of the time, my daughter will notice Jamie (her Tama) doing something, and she'll check mine, and they're doing the same thing.

Since they're both girls, and since we don't know anyone else who has a Tama, I guess they're both headed toward meeting the Matchmaker this time around. Supposedly, she won't show up until around age 7 (day 7) or so for the Tamas, so we've still got about 3 days before that happens.

I am trying very hard to order a couple more Tamas from someone off eBay. I think they're Japanese models. Not sure, but the colors are different from what I've seen in Wal Mart or on the Amazon website available to order. Unfortunately, my eBay seller had some difficulties with huricaine Frances that blew through a week or so ago and has not been able to set on top of her eBay sales. So, I am waiting patiently (yeah, right) for her to contact me about adding to our Tamagotchi family. Then, we can give them more friends and mix them up some as far as dating or mating.

This is really a neat little experience. And I think it is, in some small way, teaching my daughter a little responsibility. She is now able to take it with her to school, but can only check on it during break, lunch, etc. But she is keeping it healthy and happy - if a little bit over-fed. :o) But she's not gotten in trouble with it at school or anything. So this could be a very good thing.

I'm still making regular visits to the Tama Talk website, trying to pick up tips and tricks, stay informed, you know. It seems to be a lot of nice people of all different ages and backgrounds who are into Tamas. That's nice to see how something so small can reach out to so many peopel and bring them together to chat, smile, etc.

Oh well, I guess that's enough for today. Come check out Tama Talk and see what all the craze is about. Until my next post, be blessed.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Okay, so my daughter and I got our Tamas to, uh, *connect* Thursday night. The fireworks and everything was really cool! The babies came - not eggs, but already hatched babies. Both girls. So we figured Friday about 8 o'clock, we'd see mom and dad sprout wings and rise heavenward.

Friday 8 o'clock: nothing happened
Friday 8:15: nothing
Friday 8:30: my daughter's Tama went to sleep (Really cute with the 2 beds and everything.) :P
Friday 8:45: nothing new
Friday 9:00: my Tama goes to sleep (same thing with the 2 beds)

So I figure when they wake up in the morning, the parents would leave.

Well, had to go, um, visit nature during the night. Checked my Tama, and there was only 1 'Z' on the screen. I rudely turned the light on, and my little baby was asleep all by herself. The space was still there where Chloe's bed was, but no Chloe. :unsure: I went and checked my daughter's Tama - same thing.
Major bummer. :(

So, when we woke up Saturday, we each had crying little girls on our screens.
We're now on our second generations, healthy and happy. Hers is named Jamie (after the Tama dad, James.) Mine is named Thori (silent 'h'). But we miss our generation 1's, and missed being able to watch them leave.

Jamie and Thori are twins, both going todler about an hour after we named them, both now Young Mimitchis.

I'll keep you posted.

Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm a Grandma!!

Well, it's happened. When Chloe and James met up last night, it was truly fireworks. No, really, little fireworks flashed on the screen, then they each wound up with a little Tama. They weren't eggs, just little blobby Tamas.

So now, I'm happy that they are going to have second generations, but I'm sad because my little Chloe will be leaving me tonight around 8 o'clock. See, they're supposed to leave 24 hours after having a second generation Tama. So my daughter and I are dealing with the fact that we only have our original Tamas for a little while longer.

We've both noticed that they are a little grumpier. They don't seem to be as happy or as willing to be active as they were. Maybe they're getting old? Maybe they know they will be leaving this evening. Kind of wierd. But they are both doing it - not wanting to play games or anything.

Oh well, I guess this will be the last entry on Chloe and James. Well, maybe not. I'll have to detail just what happened when they left their little ones behind. But have no fear, I will continue to list the happenings of our as of yet unnamed new Tama babies. (We're not sure if they're girls or boys yet, so we can't name them.) Until later, peace, and God bless.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

No major changes

Well, nothing really major to report. Chloe is doing fine, growing into a young lady. :o) Yesterday was rather uneventful. I did find out that you can potty train your Tama, if you catch them in time. (But I haven't been able to do that yet.) But I am am trying.

She and James did not get a chance to connect yesterday. My daughter was with her father, so we didn't get the opportunity to hook them up. We are still hoping they will fall in love and produce second generation Tamas for us. Maybe tonight. (She's back with me tonight.) If so, I will have a full report tomorrow!

Oh well, I guess I'll go now. My little Tama is hungry and bored, so I need to take care of her. Peace and God's blessings to all!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Busy Weekend

Well, I hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend. We did. And my little Chloe was busy this weekend.

Sunday morning, she awoke as a Kuchipatchi. (Picture) She is now 5 years old, 49 pounds, and quite happy.

Oh, and I guess I am not the grandmother of another Tama pet, but may become his mother-in-law. My daughter insists on letting our two pets fall in love so they can have a little Tama baby. She went out of town with her father for the weekend, so all Monday evening, we were letting the two Tamas meet and play and exchange gifts. As of last night when we all went to bed (Chloe not until 10 o'clock. I guess she can stay up later as an adult than as a toddler. Makes sense.), Chloe and James, my daughter's Tama, were good friends, but no romance had developed. They had exchanged a few presents. She gave him a ball (that he cannot play with for some reason now that he's gotten older) and he gave her a baseball hat and some maracas (sp?). She loves her little hat, and will put it on and take it off smiling. And she dances around singing and playing her little maracas.

They have since woken up. (I'm babysitting at work again today.) James is now a bouncing little Mametchi. (Picture) I let the two of them play a little as adults, since James is now a new little creature. And romance has developed! :o) My daughter will be so happy when I pick her up today. I'm not going to let them connect any more just in case the stork visits them before my youngin' gets a chance to see it - then she would probably kill me.

So, for now, I'm just watching them happily bounce around their respective screens. Oh, of course, that is, when my work slows down. Of course, I'm doing my work. ;o)

If anything else of any magnitude happens today, I'll add it. If not, I will be back in touch tomorrow with an update.

God bless!

If you're interested, at this website is a listing of all the possible Tamagotchi pet characters. These, of course, are hand drawn and a little cuter than what is actually on the pet.

Friday, September 03, 2004

My toddler is now a teen!

Well, when she finally woke up this morning, after sleeping for almost 12 hours, she had evolved from a happy, bouncing little blob of a toddler into an Ichigotchi teen! She looks like a little strawberry head.

She's actually being a bit stubborn today. Her little 'happy' meter says she is not happy, but she won't do anything that would normally make her happy. So, I guess she's just a little bummed out today. Happens to all of us.

Just gave her a couple of treats. That cheered her up some.

I had to get another Tama for my daughter yesterday. He is still in his toddler stage as of this morning. (His name is James.) I'm babysitting at work while she's in school. (Didn't want her to get in trouble with her teacher for caring for her virtual pet.) A mother's (or in this case grandmother's work is never done.) :o)

I might add another little snipped later today. Well, I guess I could put Chloe's vitals on here:
1 yr old, 24 pounds, training 2 bars (told you she was stubborn).

Ta-ta for now!!

Here's another neat Tamagotchi site, for those seeking more information:

Thursday, September 02, 2004

My Little Tama

Okay, here's a picture of my little Chloe:

New Tamagotchi Parent

Okay, so I'm real new to the Tamagotchi craze. I remember hearing about them when they first came out years ago, and I've been seeing the commercials about the new ones coming out that can talk to each other. So, I figured, okay, what the heck. I'll look into it.

And my 'looking into it' has turned me into the proud parent of a bouncing baby blob named Chloe. (Don't ask me where that name came from.) I guess as far as bouncing baby blobs go, she's kind of cute.

I started her yesterday (9/1) around 8 p.m. She has now (9/2 at noon) grown into the toddler or 'Marutchi' stage. She is very lively, bouncing and rolling all over the place. Kind of cute.

I guess now, I'll have to get my daughter one so they can play and have friends. (Oh, did I forget to mention I am 35?) Okay, so I'm just young at heart.

I'm going to try and remember to keep this updated with daily progress on Chloe. But if not, hey, I'm old and senile. Forgive me.

If you're interested in Tamagotchi pets, a couple of neat sites I've run across are :

Tamagotchi Connection, Tamagotchi Planet, the Tama Talk community, and Tamagotchi Connections . (Note the 'S' at the end of that one. There is a difference in the sites.

Well, that's about it for now. Hope you enjoy my blog, and get swept up in the world of Tamagotchis. God bless!